weeknotes 6/22

– today’s sunset was stunning!

– netflix! we resisted it for years, but this year we expanded my brother’s account to fit in my parents and he offered us the extra profile that came with it. so far, we’ve watched speed cubers (unexpectedly sweet), spirited away (i’m 90% sure we’d watched it before but neither of us remembered the story) and the power of the dog, which i was dreading to watch but turned out surprisingly nice.

– biked into town for the first time this year, for a run to the crafts shop and a few other loose errands. i’ve had a sweater in my needles for over a year now, and i want to finish it soon, before it gets too hot for sweaters. the lady there was super nice, and the weather was perfect for cycling. it reminded me that i should leave the car at home more often.

– my hair was becoming a rat’s nest, so i tried a new hairdresser in town after a few recommendations from local friends, and it turned out ok! i’m super lazy with my hair, but it does feel nice to have it cut and painted. plus, now i know all the gossip in town.

– we tried our hand at pizza toast, and matcha tiramisu, both japanese-inspired dishes and both wonderful!

– there’s an environmental fund in portugal that subsidises improvements that make houses more energy efficient, and some months ago we applied for a refund of our new A+ fireplace. it got accepted this week, so at least we’ll get some of that investment back. yay!

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