weeknotes 8-9/22

i don’t even know… the war broke out, and it feels like nothing else matters.

i’m exhausted, disappointed and sad, the kind of sadness that seeps into your bones and doesn’t leave, the kind that puts you constantly on the verge of tears with every paragraph you write. it’s hard to be the peacekeeper of a community when people feel hopeless and eager to direct their helplessness at easy targets. every so often, i run out of empathy, get angry, feel my heart rate go up. then i take a deep breath, lower my shoulders and keep going, because how can i stop, how can i complain, while there are people in bunkers fearing for their lives? my stress and tiredness feel insignificant, compared to their losses.

connecting the world feels sisyphian and pointless — and at the same time, more important than ever. so we keep going.

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I love your recent post on postcrossing and 100% agree with you about not blocking postcrossers from Russia or Belarus. What a government does is not a reflection of the people and thank you for putting it in such a kind and caring way. I love reading the blog and connecting with people from around the world. It has become one of my favorite hobbies. I too am heartbroken about this senseless war and hope it will end soon

Dear Ana, to make it short. Agree, stopping postcards and contacts to Russia and Belarus is senseless and stupid. Is it possible to do other way round by sending more postcards to Russia and Belarus and maybe to Ukraine as well to continue normal way of friendly communication instead of beeing speechless? Maybe its even possible to send more postcards, maybe with peaceful messages to these three countries? Maybe postcrossers can request an address in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine?
Just an Idea, maybe peaceful communication helps at least a bit. Thanks and many, many thanks for the great postcrossing world!

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