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weenotes, 12-15/22

not much to say. everything still feels pointless, and the weeks rush past in a rinse-and-repeat cycle. too many conversations, the same dialogues, fears and concerns repeated ad nauseam. i’m tired. i’ve stopped all my on-going projects and don’t feel like learning, exercising, blogging, sending postcards or leaving the house. the parents are staying with us for a week, and i’m just glad they’re here to cook and distract me — we chat and watch cheesy soap operas together while waiting for better days to come.

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Ana, a hug. I understand how pointless things feel sometimes, and I hope you can quickly see the beauty of the routine again. You have always been my inspiration with your fun ideas, lists, projects and tools, and me and your readers will wait for your spark when you feel ready!

I second every little word my friend wrote in the first comment :)
A warm hug to you, and I hope you can soon find the energy to come back to your projects, because they all make a difference, even if you feel it is insignificant (it’s not).

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