weeknotes, 26-27/22

ah… home, sweet home. picking up new books to read from the library. taking walks on the beach. checking in on the neighbors and watching movies with friends. writing postcards. taking a day to properly celebrate having lived 40 years on earth, with some birdwatching and a nice meal. painting my hair. walking on the treadmill again. swinging by the chinese shop to stock on things and discover new stuff. hiring people to fix the house (but only after summer, sigh). checking the mail. working for long stretches of uninterrupted time.

it’s just been really nice to be back.

one thing that hasn’t been all that nice though is the pins and needles on my right arm that come and go at odd times, without seemingly any cause. :( i’ve called a doctor and they recommended a cervical MRI, to check for any nerves being pressed on my back (even though i have no pain). so into the machine i’ve gone this week, and next week we’ll have the results and go from there.

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