weeknotes, 37-39/22

it feels like so long since i last posted! let’s see… what have we been up to?

– went to chefs on fire with friends and it was really nice! good food, good company, nice concerts and just the overall happiness of feeling like life is slowly resuming once more.

– after that, i took the train south to welcome the painters. part 2 of construction plans is to repair some cracks on the walls and give the outside of the house a paint job. i hope it’s going ok, and that we’ll be back to a fresh house that looks like new.

– another train ride north, and oh boy, was i sick on the train… i didn’t use to get sick like this, but i suspect wearing the FP2 masks for 7 hours straight really doesn’t help. still, better get sick on the train than catch covid and miss out on the holidays!

– the boy’s mom did a small surgery and one day later was home and off the painkillers. modern surgery is such an amazing thing, i will never not be amazed by and grateful for it.

– last week was pre-“world postcard day” week, and it was go! go! go! the whole week. there’s always so much to do on the last week of september, so much to prepare and write and people to poke… the day was a huge success though, and it feels like it’s getting bigger and bigger every year, with more people participating and talking about it. it’s really nice to see your work rally people with so much enthusiasm for postcards.

– and then, on the last day of week 39, we flew to berlin! hurray for being back in the city in the middle of autumn, probably my favourite season to be here. the air is fresh but not cold yet, and everywhere we look, the trees and vines are doing their colorful dance, yellows and reds everywhere. this coming week will be a lot of work… but i’m happy to be doing it here, in a place where i can see old friends, eat food from different places and just explore. :)

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