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2022, one second everyday

maaaaan… 2022 was a ride.

looking at these videos at the end of the year always makes me emotional. although a lot of bad things happened in 2022, the video is so filled with good memories, nice meals, sunny walks and the people we cherish the most! looking back on the year reminds me mostly of the good moments, how much we’ve grown, our little projects and obsessions. :)

happy new year, friends! may 2023 be filled with new adventures!

ps – just as i was writing this blog post, i realized we’ve been doing these 1 sec/day videos for almost a decade now… wow.

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Yaycks! 10 years! I started doing mine because of YOU! And I love them.
I agree that doing these year-end balances is very positive. Although the negative stuff is super present in our memories, we end up reconsidering and thinking…it was a good year after all.

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