foooood in taiwan

taiwan breakfasts

speaking of eggs, breakfasts in taiwan are so good… though sometimes a little tricky. often the food is served in roadside stalls or makeshift shops with a couple of tables on the sidewalk, and you order by telling the auntie or uncle what you’d like to eat, or ticking the boxes in a sheet of paper that is fully written in chinese. 😅 my vocabulary for food is severely lacking, but with a bit of pointing and google translate, we got around to trying quite a few different things.  it helps that we’re not very picky and could probably eat anything! 

some of the meals we had included egg pancakes with different fillings, turnip cake, youtiao (fried dough sticks), scallion pancakes, warm soy milk, youtiao wrapped in rice and egg, a kind of youtiao sandwich, glutinous meatballs…

i think the scallion pancakes (with cheese) were probably our #1 though. the taiwanese version of them is a bit different from the chinese one, as here they are more fluffed up and not crispy, but they were delicious still.  

we had so many of these that it’s amazing i’m not sick of them yet! 😅

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