weeknotes, 35-36/23

– the weather changed on the first of september like clockwork — suddenly it’s much fresher, and it even rained a tiny little bit. the moon was biiiig for a couple of days, and the high tides turned the town into little venice, like they always do.

– we had friends over for dinner one day and were enchanted by their chatty 2 year old. and then other friends arrived and stayed with us for a week. i’m happy that people come to us, that our doors and arms are open and welcoming, that we have long walks and boardgames and shared meals and conversations to look forward to.

– the town announced the launch of the food gardens, an initiative i’ve been helping out with for some time now. we want to turn the lost spaces here and there (the odd and forgotten bits of land) into open spaces where volunteers can produce food for the community. the legal framework for these has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally seeing the light of day. i’m excited for what is coming!

– also, the mediterranean diet fair took place, the largest event in our quiet town. it’s the end of the summer season and it goes out with a bang: workshops, food demos, seminars, guided tours, concerts, food… it feels like the whole town comes together in nights filled with energy. we saw miguel araújo’s concert — he was great!

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