weeknotes 42-43/2023

– i finally reached inbox zero on my work mailbox! 🎉 this is a rare event, which happens only every few years for me. it feels amazing to see that folder empty, and i’ve been doing my best to keep it that way. the boy has been helping with the most difficult stuff, and iris, our new teammate has been a steady blessing too.

– the lebkuchen dough is ready for its 2-month rest, ahead of advent baking season! our trusty food-processor almost died in the process of making this sticky dough, the poor thing.

– my father reports that the olives from our olive tree that he took north some weeks ago, are eatable! two weeks with running water to lose the acidity, and now they’re ready to be seasoned. amazing!

– the rain is here, and there was so much wind last weekend that lots of trees fell down all over town. it’s kind of heartbreaking, seeing big trees drop like that and be immediately cut down.

– i’ve been playing with dall-e, the image engine. at some point it gave me this lonely santa, who looks like something out of a movie. what’s the story here? who is he waiting for?

– after a month or so of respite, the boy’s non-stop cough is back again… sigh.

– i’ve been a bit restless with my reading, dipping my fingers in lots of different books and not finishing that many, but last week i read through “making comics” by lynda barry, which is a bit like jumping into her art class and given assignments and exercises to do. i wish the library had more of her stuff.

– we watched the one piece live action, and i loved it!

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