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weeknotes 49/23

a mostly quiet week, spent running errands and trying to get the presents for all the family. i finished 2 very short audiobooks: how to keep house while drowning and train dreams. the first in particular stuck with me, its compassionate advice applying to much more than just house chores.

we’re full on “pre-christmas mode” around here, and one of the things i must do is to use the vegetables i have in the mini plot before we head north. so today i took all the chard and did a nice stir-fry with it. it’s still amazing to me that i can grow these things with some seeds and a bit of dirt!

and on the same vein, sometime ago the town was offering some free 300L plastic composters, to those who wanted them. i signed up for it, and forgot about it until they emailed me last week! so this week we had a little workshop to learn how to work with them, and will soon be receiving the dalek-shaped contraption. i can’t wait!

and last but not least, this gorgeous hoopoe, just chilling. :)

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