weeknotes 52/23

last week of this cursed year! 💀

i got some nice gifts for christmas! tons of socks and fun underwear, nice body shop thinguies, a pessimistic towel, a seed calendar, a couple of books (one about stationery and one about nature!), a set of ramen bowls, some fun legos, as well as sweets. i must have been a really nice person this year!

miraculously, i’ve managed to stay covid-free despite living with 2 infected people for a couple of weeks, thanks to a lot of strategic masking. hurray! now everyone is healthy covid-wise, but the boy seems to have a sore throat…

we’re spending new year’s with the family, to make up for christmas fiasco. normally, i would prefer a quieter celebration, just me and the boy, thinking about the year and making plans… but since christmas was a subdued affair (and mom was sad about it), we decided to come together to celebrate this “little christmas”, as the old people say. one of the good things about being here (apart from the family being here, safe and healthy) is all the clementines from my parents trees — they’re the best! 😍

i hope 2024 will be a better one, with more good health! how brilliant is a new year that starts on a monday? i love it so much!

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