weeknotes, 2/24

the week was going well, and then i got sick. pain swallowing, highish fever… i hadn’t had a case of tonsillitis since i was a little kid, but boy does it suck. it threw me to the sofa for a few days, alternating between shivers and sweats. and then i got some antibiotics and things started looking up again. :) the magic of medicine!

amoxicillin is like a wave of nostalgia from childhood, and it amazingly still tastes the same as it did when i was a kid.

apart from that, earlier in the week we finished this succulent-themed lego set that our friends gave us for christmas:

lego has all sorts of fun stuff these days, and these were a really nice challenge. it seems like the theme of the week was “things we hadn’t done since childhood”!

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