weeknotes 17/24

this week it was our 18th anniversary! :) we celebrated by hiking a bit more of the coast, between portimão and benagil. it was a really nice day, overlooking the ocean, made even prettier by all the wild blooms that show themselves this time of the year.

later in the week, we went north by train on april 25th, and i wore my carnation to celebrate 50 years of democracy!

because the boy is still only eating a reduced set of things, i cooked and packed our meal, but forgot to pack some utensils… so we ended up eating it with coffee sticks from the train’s bar… 😅

and then up in the north we spent 3 days taking care of this chubby little piece of joy!

we and the grandparents took on babysitting duties to give my brother some peaceful time ahead of the wedding, and it was great. how is she so happy all the time?! it feels implausible that an 8-month old should be this easy to care for… but she’s just a delight, eating, sleeping and charming us all.

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