this is the first entry i write from the ibook, as i finally switched from a pc to a mac, which i’ve been meaning to do ever since he did, a couple of years ago.
they’re beautiful, clean and efficient. :)

‘nough said.”

just life

por fim o silencio

nas costas de uma foto, pendurada no corredor por duas molas e fio, há um poema. li-o ontem de novo, por acaso, quando a corrente de ar virou a foto, e mo revelou outra vez.
hoje deixo-o aqui.

Sobre Flancos e Barcos
Havia ainda outro jardim o da minha vida
exíguo é certo mas o do meu olhar
são talvez dois pássaros que se amam
um sobre o outro ou dois cães de pé
é sempre a mesma inquietação

este delírio branco ou o rumor
da chuva sobre flancos e barcos
o inverno vai chegar
sobre a palha ainda quente a mão
uma doçura de abelha muito jovem

era o sopro distante das manhãs sobre o mar
e eu disse sentindo os seus passos nos pátios do coração
é o silêncio é por fim o silêncio
vai desabar</i>

Eugénio de Andrade


you called me after midnight,
must have been three years since we last spoke.
i slowly tried to bring back,
the image of your face
from the memories so old.
i tried so hard to follow,
but didn’t catch the half of what had gone wrong,
said I don’t know what I can save you from.

i asked you to come over,
and within half an hour,
you were at my door
i had never really known you,
but I realized that the one you were before,
had changed into somebody
for whom i wouldn’t mind to put the kettle on.
still I don’t know what I
can save you from.

kings of convenience”



quick update, just to say "hello! i’m still around!". i really don’t like leaving meiadeleite without regular updates, but right now i’m having trouble keeping up with normal life + all the stuff i got myself into.
here’s a bit of the stuff i’ve been working on:
* templates: marta’s and hi tech.
* newsletters: june’s urban movements (rum + maus hábitos) and another one for rum com jazz.

lots of other stuff coming up, webstuff mainly. and… i’m getting the cutest notebook around (at least if you ask me)!

trying hard not to become a total geek. tough job.



long story short:
a couple of months ago, a very very drunk mister talked to me about making a photo exhibit at his bar, the coolest one in braga. just like that, out of the blue as i walked out of the place. i thought about it for a while, invited a friend and we did it – though at another location (in the end, the drunk bar owner wanted something sligthly more professional, i think, so we shifted places. at least for now.)
so there you go, the exhibit is called tips, and it’s loosely based on the concepts from we are what we do and buy nothing day, except we added our own images to the cause, and hanged it on a huge pink wall.

so spread the word. drop us a line. show up! :)
everyday at barcode (rua do anjo, 90A. from 9pm to 2am).