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cool finnish stamps

aaaaaah, finland. the land of moomins, delicious cardamom rolls, sauna… and brilliant stamps! there’s the postcrossing stamp of course (one of the first to honour the project), but here are a couple others that i particularly like.

the veggies stamps are a fun issue. you pick a veggie on the left, stick it on your postcard or letter, and then decorate it with stickers from the right side — like playing mr. potato head! the combinations are endless and the result is always a different and fun stamp!

i love this stamp sheet! to celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary last year, the finnish post invited all citizens to upload their photo and then made these sheets of 10 stamps with lots of mini-portraits on them. they scrambled the photos from sheet to sheet, so they’re all different and people have to look really closely at the sheets or the mail they’ve received to find theirs! isn’t that a cool idea? our friend kati found her photo on the stamp below :)

and last but not least, this magical moment at the finlandia stamp exhibition last year, in which their mini-volunteers at the kids section helped us become part of a stamp!

that was so much fun. the kids were super nice, spoke perfect english and even gave us lollipops at the end! :D

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one second everyday — may 2017

may started in morocco, skipped to finland and then came back to the southern sunshine again.

highlights: more morocco. painting my hair for the first time. seeing lots of postcrossing friends in finland (and meeting some new ones) + visiting the new finnish postal museum. giving a few talks about postcrossing. and eating looots of korvapuusti! :D

analogue wednesdays in finland

analogue wednesday #16



from our warm summer days in finland, last year.

foooood in finland

trip to a finnish supermarket

just before this unscripted summer hiatus, i was about to write one last post about finland – the obligatory trip to the supermarket. it’s always one of my favourite parts of any trip :) here are some things that drew our attention:

it’s funny how many moomin or angry birds-themed things you can find in a finnish supermarket!

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one second every day – august 2013

we’re back in berlin, after what feels like a whirlwind summer of travelling and adventures. we filled our bellies and our hearts to the brim, collecting hugs and sunshine wherever we went. it was glorious.

we’re back now, and i’m still lazily sorting frames and memories. here are the highlights from our beloved month of august:

– smoke sauna, korvapuusti and lots of other lovely things in finland
– exploring teufelsberg
– attending some portuguese romarias
– hugging lots friends and family, and even meeting cousins for the first time
– discovering a little bit more of lisbon and sintra