foooood in china in the netherlands photography



mimo, directamente da holanda, na forma de mini-stroopwaffles. perfeitas para o dia cinzento de hoje. obrigado cláudia, chegaram inteiras! :)

* bonuses: design*sponge guide to online shopping, made by bloggers: part 1 and part 2. filled with link goodness and lots of interesting suggestions for different kinds of gifts (artwork, lightning, ceramics, vintage, hidden gems, etc). worth a check.


strawberry cuppycakes


strawberry muffins for a lazy afternoon.

foooood in china in the netherlands

mix a little grated nutmeg to look and make delicious.

custard powder.

Engrish is a pejorative or humorous slang term which refers to poor-quality attempts by Japanese writers to create English words and phrases, whether in mistranslation of original Japanese text, or in an attempt to create original text in the English language.
(from wikipedia)

my example is from bangladesh, from a can of custard powder (which made an excellent dessert, by the way).
on the bottom of the same can, there’s another notice, pointing out that breastfeeding is the best for babies. :|