rabanadas! bolo-rei! mexidos! leite-creme! :D


it’s the pre-xmas season again. we can’t really feel it here, because the chinese are not very keen on that holiday. no xmas lights on trees (well, not more than usually anyway), no window shops decorated with red and green.and yet, we have our own subtle reminder: moms.

“so what do you want me to cook for you when you come?” is the question following “how are you?” nowadays. to which we happily answer with the roll of our favourite dishes and as many xmas desserts as we can remember.

it’s not like we’re starving here, but you know, mom’s food will always be the best – and i can guarantee that it tastes especially delicious after a few months abroad.
we should start dieting now, to make up for all the extra kilos we’re going to put on those 2 weeks.

foooood in china

not only with chopsticks…

no matter how much vla i ate in the netherlands, there were still no natas anywhere to be seen — and i missed them dearly.

so, the last time i was in lisbon, to take care of the passport/visa issues, i made a point in going to belém and eating a “nata” with an expresso. my little ritual consists of taking the coffee spoon, dipping it into the nata filling and slowly eating it, while drinking the coffee. only in the end i eat the shell that is left. natas go well with coffee: both are hardwired in my brain as “portuguese flavours”.

little did i know by then that the chinese are great fans of these “egg tarts”, as they call them! some of them know these are portuguese (some think they are from macau) and they enjoy them just as much as we do. of course, they don’t taste exactly the same – the filling is more pudding-like, i would say. but still, we’re quite pleased. :)

foooood in china in the netherlands photography



mimo, directamente da holanda, na forma de mini-stroopwaffles. perfeitas para o dia cinzento de hoje. obrigado cláudia, chegaram inteiras! :)

* bonuses: design*sponge guide to online shopping, made by bloggers: part 1 and part 2. filled with link goodness and lots of interesting suggestions for different kinds of gifts (artwork, lightning, ceramics, vintage, hidden gems, etc). worth a check.


strawberry cuppycakes


strawberry muffins for a lazy afternoon.

foooood in china in the netherlands

mix a little grated nutmeg to look and make delicious.

custard powder.

Engrish is a pejorative or humorous slang term which refers to poor-quality attempts by Japanese writers to create English words and phrases, whether in mistranslation of original Japanese text, or in an attempt to create original text in the English language.
(from wikipedia)

my example is from bangladesh, from a can of custard powder (which made an excellent dessert, by the way).
on the bottom of the same can, there’s another notice, pointing out that breastfeeding is the best for babies. :|