in germany one second everyday video

one second every day – november 2013

november’s best bits included:
emiliana torrini’s concert
– my first food processor aka the banana ice-cream maker
– scientific-culinary experiments
– a lot of xmas card planning, assembling and writing
– plenty of good food with friends
– randomly meeting a blogger i’ve been reading for years… i was a bit dumbstruck, but she was really nice :)

on the last frame you can see me binding my own letterpress calendar, which i had printed just moments ago with the help of sabine from small caps. it was a great experience, and i had a lot of fun clumsily maneuvering the machine with my hands and feet. nicola (who helped us bind the calendars) took some nice photos of the day, and wrote this post about it.

in germany one second everyday video

one second every day – october 2013

october’s video was a bit of a challenge to make, due to 1 second everyday app not being very stable in IOS7… still, here it is, in all it’s glory:

some of the best bits included:
– having one of our best friends staying with us
– making sausages, pad thai and josé avillez delicious lime & basil mousse
– lots of friends and postcards in bielefeld!
– running my first official race – plus a grand total of almost 20km that month, without hurting myself.

pretty awesome, in my book!

in germany in portugal one second everyday video

one second every day – september 2013

dear september, you were ace!

some of the best parts included:

– lots of time with friends and family
road tripping in the south of portugal
– seeing dear friends getting married
– holding the first card sent with a finnish postcrossing stamp
– eating an abundance of pain au chocolat in brussels
– coming back home to berlin and getting my running shoes on!

in finland in germany in portugal just life one second everyday video

one second every day – august 2013

we’re back in berlin, after what feels like a whirlwind summer of travelling and adventures. we filled our bellies and our hearts to the brim, collecting hugs and sunshine wherever we went. it was glorious.

we’re back now, and i’m still lazily sorting frames and memories. here are the highlights from our beloved month of august:

– smoke sauna, korvapuusti and lots of other lovely things in finland
– exploring teufelsberg
– attending some portuguese romarias
– hugging lots friends and family, and even meeting cousins for the first time
– discovering a little bit more of lisbon and sintra

in finland in germany just life one second everyday video

one second every day – july 2013

july’s highlights:
– my first tattoo!
– seeing a friend, after… oh… 10 years?
– doing the testdaf
– lots of sunny days spent in tempelhof
– visiting finland again, and our first sauna!