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o amor fechou a tasca

would you?

"Estou farto de conversas, farto de compreensões, farto de conveniências de serviço. Nunca vi namorados tão embrutecidos, tão cobardes e comodistas como os de hoje. Incapazes de um gesto largo, de correr o risco, de um rasgo de ousadia, são uma raça de telefoneiros e capangas de cantina, malta do "tá bem, tudo bem", tomadores de bicas, alcançadores de compromissos, bananóides, borra-botas, matadores do romance, romanticidas. Já ninguém se apaixona? Já ninguém aceita a paixão pura, a saudade sem fim, a tristeza, o medo, o desequilíbrio, o custo, o amor, a doença que é como um cancro a comer-nos o coração e que nos canta no peito ao mesmo tempo? O amor é uma coisa, a vida é outra. O amor não é para ser uma ajudinha. Não é para ser o alívio, o repouso, o intervalo, a pancadinha nas costas, a pausa que refresca, o pronto-socorro da tortuosa estrada da vida, o nosso "dá lá um jeitinho" sentimental. Odeio esta mania contemporânea por sopas e descanso."

Miguel de Esteves Cardoso

geek in the netherlands

que sera, sera….

seems like i won’t be the only blogger in amsterdam today…

in the netherlands

Was ist ein Neuronales Netz?

neural networks

when the density of greek symbols per page exceeds the reasonable… blargh. i feel sick. maybe i’m allergic. mmm…

in the netherlands photography

to be or niet to be.

“One night to be confused
one night to speed up truth
we had a promise made
four hands and then away”

there’s mr. gonzales on repeat on itunes, and a lot of people sitting on the floor of the corridor, slowing chatting away the last hour of the weekend. K went away this week, and it was hard for all of us to lose her. we stayed out silent in the parking lot for some time, watching the car go away, waiting for something to happen, just something. anything. it felt amazingly wrong. later the same day, another girl came to her room. and it just felt wrong, again.
going away is just a natural part of it all, i guess. the end. but no one wants to face it, the ones that were able to postpone the return did it, and i’m still searching for that internship. next week i have an interview, let’s see how that goes. i hope i can manage.

because i felt wrong about mixing netherlands-colored-digital pictures with the ones i had on my flickr account, i created another one, for this purpose. it’s here. it’ll come handy to put the pictures i usually blog about, since my other account already passed the 200 photos limit…

in the netherlands


for mr. ghostboy, who tagged me for the 4-things-thinguie:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life
* photography shop
* webdesign stuff
* graphical design stuff
* radiostar for a month

Four movies I can watch over and over
* amélie poulain
* lost in translation
* snatch
* love actually

Four places I have lived
* ermesinde
* braga
* van houtenlaan (netherlands)
* …

Four TV shows I love to watch
(well, it’s been over 6 years since i last really owned a tv, so the one’s i love to watch are usually on dvd or, well, errr… hum, nevermind.)
* the two fat ladies
* oliver’s twist
* top gear
* six feet under

Four places I’ve been on vacation
* algarve (all around it)
* lisboa
* braga
* celorico de basto (all in portugal)

Four of my favourite dishes (if you’re not portuguese, skip this section!)
* anything with calamares
* joy’s noodles with broccoli
* anything with chocolate
* stroopwaffles!

Four websites I visit daily
* (hopping for super patanisca’s return)

Four places I’d rather be right now
* nowhere really. my 9 sq meters, with the people i like, are just fine.

Four bloggers I’m tagging
* paulo
* tozé
* joca
* bah. cant think of anyone else to tag.

#221and for tozé, who mentioned something about the lack of photos lately, here’s one. the place i call home these days, packed with friends.

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