foooood in thailand

a trip to the market

going to markets and supermarkets has long been one of my favorite activities abroad. they can be a overwhelming at times, but i still enjoy looking at all the produce and finding new things. here’s a quick walk around a market near chiang mai.

rice, rice, rice! glutinous, fragrant, brown… it all has a different purpose.

aaaaaall the veggies! some are funky and some are familiar. i was especially impressed by all the ginger-like roots they seem to use on their cooking, and which i had never seen before. oh! and those little green balls are fresh peppercorns… who knew they looked like that?

curries are what we associate with thai cooking, but making your own curry paste is hard work as we later discovered. so at the market, you can buy them already made or give your specifications to the seller, and they’ll make you a batch.

stinky but delicious fish sauce!

the variety of noodles they sell makes the pasta in a portuguese supermarket pale in comparison.

the fresh section was also well stocked, both with meat (the whole nose-to-tail), fish and frogs! to keep the flies away, ribbons of plastic were attached to the skeletons of fans, and made to spin above the meat. it’s pretty efficient actually, and super hypnotic! :D

so now we got the produce — let’s go cook it!

in slovenia video


there’s a milk vending machine in the market – and i’ve been dying to use it :) so today, me, paulo and gui braved the snow to get some milk. we had a bit of help from a nice lady and got home with a bottle of thick fresh milk. yummy! :D

the song is 牛仔很忙 (the cowboy is very busy) by jay chou. it’s about a nice cowboy who drinks milk at bars (because beer is bad for you), soaks in bubble baths with his toys and only wears synthetic leather :)