one second everyday — june 2019

june! friends and family and dogs staying over, and more passionfruit than we can eat. we took some time to learn about new stuff (like passive houses and electric cars), and did a little weekend getaway to explore mérida. i turned 37 and got a box of my favorite pencils for my birthday, which was brilliant! we soft-launched something we’ve been cooking for a long time. the boy went to russia for 3 days (which is the furthest we’ve been apart) but then came back safe and sound. 50% of the year is done and i’m happy and grateful.

analogue wednesday #200

hey look at that — 200 analogue wednesdays! this last one features the holga, the most dependable little camera that i own, going on 10 years now.

lately, i’ve been frustrated with photography though. the local lab has messed up the development of my negatives a couple of times, and all the small cameras i own have become unreliable. i’ve had to borrow the boy’s big canon ae-1, which is a great camera, but also super heavy to carry around.

any good recommendations of reliable, little analogue cameras?

analogue wednesday #199

we’re visiting a temple of diana today — though not exactly this one. :)

analogue wednesday #198

everywhere we look, there’s tall, dry grass that rustles in the wind. it’s beautiful, especially as the evening light shines through its empty shells.

one second everyday — may 2019

dear may,

you saw paulo finish the eurovelo, saw us eating lots of snacks, a developer’s conference, the EU elections, weddings and birthday parties…

my arm is still sore from that vaccine!