one second everyday — september 2018

in terms of video (and blog!), september was the most boring month possible — and it was perfect that way. for the most part, we were focused, and worked on all the things we had been meaning to get started in a while. went to festival F and the mediterranean fair, exercised and meditated regularly, tweaked the schedule, dived into some fun projects, finally put my craftsbathroom together, and even went to the beach a couple of days!

naturally, things were going too well for it to last long… so at the moment it’s all complicated again and we’re up north, dealing with life’s curveballs. still, i’m grateful for a good september.

analogue wednesday #161

probably a good idea. a very grunge double-exposure with myself, from córdoba last year.

a mailbox collection

it’s not a secret that we love mail, so sometimes when friends find postal-themed items for sale, they send them our way — and this is how we’ve ended up with a small collection of cute mailboxes from around the world.

the first one was a yellow “piggy bank” from correos, offered to us by maike and wiebke who were on holidays in spain at the time:

a chinese one followed some months later, given to us by jifeng in china. it’s also a coin container, but a much heavier one. it brought such nice memories of our time there!

some years later, our friend cecília found this cute tin mailbox, and thought of us:

and the latest specimen to enter our collection is a hand-carved mailbox from canada. alida is a postcrosser, and her husband fred does woodwork, so he carved this tiny mailbox for us. it’s adorable!

and so the accidental collection grows… :)

analogue wednesday #160

our regional platibanda is a thing of beauty.

analogue wednesday #159

home sweet home.