analogue wednesday #229

los toreros muertos and other stories, on R4R-97 (double-exposed in collaboration with gianni in australia).

analogue wednesday #228

a surprise oscar wilde on this frame from R4R-97, double-exposed with gianni in australia.

analogue wednesday #227

behold, the traditional double-exposed photo of the boy on the driver’s seat:

this one is from R4R-97 (double-exposed with gianni in australia), but a version of this shot appears also in R4R-9 (twice!), R4R-2, R4R-78 and R4R-20.

a lack of eyes that find beauty

been doing a few mock exams lately, to prepare for the HSK test and stumbled on this reading passage was in one of them:

“有人说, 很难在自己熟悉的地点发现 美丽的景色。 这说明对 自己越熟悉的东西,往往越没有新鲜感, 也就很难发现它的美丽之处。 所以生活中不是缺少美, 而是缺少发现美的眼睛.”

Some people say that it is difficult to find beautiful scenery in a place you are familiar with. This shows that the more familiar you are, the less fresh it is, the harder it is to discover its beauty. So life is not lacking beauty, but there is a lack of eyes that find beauty.

how distractingly poetic, for a language exam! :|

analogue wednesday #226

another couple of shots from R4R-97, double-exposed in collaboration with gianni in australia.