analogue wednesday #200

hey look at that — 200 analogue wednesdays! this last one features the holga, the most dependable little camera that i own, going on 10 years now.

lately, i’ve been frustrated with photography though. the local lab has messed up the development of my negatives a couple of times, and all the small cameras i own have become unreliable. i’ve had to borrow the boy’s big canon ae-1, which is a great camera, but also super heavy to carry around.

any good recommendations of reliable, little analogue cameras?

analogue wednesday #199

we’re visiting a temple of diana today — though not exactly this one. :)

analogue wednesday #198

everywhere we look, there’s tall, dry grass that rustles in the wind. it’s beautiful, especially as the evening light shines through its empty shells.

one second everyday — may 2019

dear may,

you saw paulo finish the eurovelo, saw us eating lots of snacks, a developer’s conference, the EU elections, weddings and birthday parties…

my arm is still sore from that vaccine!

analogue wednesday #197

more light-spotted views from R4R-50 (shot with thibaud thomas), probably double-exposed in toronto for my part.