analogue wednesday #212

a massive piece of chocolate cake… with beehives in the background? from R4R-71, swapped with Lisa in the US.

analogue wednesday #211

bits of tavira ended up in the shores of lake michigan, and i’m good with that. :) from R4R-71, swapped with Lisa.

analogue wednesday #210

p’s parents’ dog is always happy to see us! from R4R-71, double-exposed with Lisa, in the US.


one of the apps i use to practice chinese is called clozemaster. a cloze is a text or sentence with gaps that you need to to fill out with words. it’s a nice exercise, that gives the opportunity to practice reading and understanding words in context.

clozemaster turns that into an old school game, with an 8-bit look and rankings per language. naturally, with so many sentences being tested, some of them are bound to be “interesting”. here are some of my favourites so far:

the texts are always so uplifting!

what’s up with the cat?

and my absolute favourite so far, is this one that i got wrong. i chose “sports are the devil”, but turns out impulsiveness is the devil… i don’t know, i think i’m sticking with my version! :P

it works for lots of languages — give it a try if you’re learning one or just want to practice. :)

analogue wednesday #209

R4R-71 (swapped with Lisa, in the US) is a bit eery sometimes, the way one picture mixes with another so perfectly. nice autumn vibes on this one!