analogue wednesday #76

Hot pots in Iceland

Hot pots in Iceland

and last but not least, the hot pots! that’s it for icelandic photos — back to our regular picturesque south next week! :)

one second everyday — july 2016

july was oh-so-social!

we had lots of friends and family over, or met them for dinner or even skyped with them! we went to the beach a few times, and P even ran his first 5k there (and aced it!). the national team won the euro! we enjoyed the town’s nightlife and in the end of the month we drove north to help the family… and collect tons of summer produce from their gardens! :)

analogue wednesday #75



coffee and breakfast places in reykjavik.

analogue wednesday #74



the tiny island of súgandisey was the northernmost place we’ve ever been to.

analogue wednesday #73


surveying the beach near búðir, where the lava meets the sea.