analogue wednesday #243

mostly green bits from R4R-73, double exposed with gianni via roll4roll.

uno dos quatro

we don’t usually pay much attention to eurovision, but we have friends who do and it’s hard not to get sucked into their enthusiasm and share the joy of the contest. although it ended up not taking place this year, we were reminded of eurovision by our russian friends, who brought up their country song in a conversation:

i haven’t listened to all the others, but little big’s uno is a huge hit around here and would likely have our vote! all of little big‘s songs are, in fact, brilliant — we’re fond of their deliciously nonsense lyrics, catchy beats and especially of the videos full of theatrical antics.

if you need a break and something to distract you from the world right now, i’d recommend a trip to their youtube channel. enjoy!

PR12 – curral da pedra

following j’s lead, i’m going to start posting a little bit about the hikes we do now and then, mostly so that i don’t forget them so quickly. we often find ourselves looking at hiking trails in the south, puzzled as to whether we’ve already done them or not… so this seems like a good idea! :)

first up, tavira’s own PR12, a small 6,9km circular path we did last weekend since we couldn’t get out of the area.

the day was sunny and warm, but the trail didn’t get off to a good start. we discovered early on that the signs for it were scarce and faded, and ended up taking a wrong turn right at the beginning. as we considered backtracking, a big dog watched over us in the path ahead. so, me being a huge chicken, decided to just detour and climb a steep wall of gravel to shortcut it instead… which wasn’t terribly smart, but we’ve made it. when my heart stopped beating so fast, we were finally able to get on the right path and enjoy the day.

the goal was to find the hidden village of curral da pedra, deep in the middle of barrocal.

on the way there, we saw all the colors of autumn in algarve, which are not the same as autumn in other places.

we also saw iberian magpies, one of our favorite birds with their magnificent blue wings, but my little phone is not good enough to caputer them.

this was an easy route, maybe a bit boring even as it takes place mostly on country roads with just a bit of elevation towards the end. we were done in 3 hours at a very slow pace, and back home safe and sound.

analogue wednesday #242

still whining at failing cameras and swapping rolls now and then, when said cameras allow. these shots are from R4R-73, double exposed with gianni via roll4roll.

one second everyday — october 2020

october was a really full month, work-wise: after months of preparations we launched the world postcard day, aaaaaand a few days later opened the new postcrossing forum as well. it’s been a bit non-stop, and i could really use a break.

apart from that, there was lots of zooming, we got to see our new baby “nephew”, played a new star wars themed game, and did some painting in the house to try to remedy the landlord’s inertia. we walked a little bit everyday, tried to enjoy the last warm days. we also went north for a few days to stock pantries, take the family to the doctor and check on everyone from afar. so far, they’re all healthy — we’re keeping our fingers crossed it stays that way!