analogue wednesday #121

bits of here and there, rolled together on this roll4roll that sara and i double-exposed.


i’ve been spending some time consolidating my photo archives online, and noticed this trend in which we keep ordering too many fries…

no regrets though! :D

analogue wednesday #120

we laughed so hard when we saw the “manuel do norte” neon pop up on this bucolic countryside scene that sara shot… hurray for the magic of double exposures! :)

happy alvaro caramel

we were back in morocco last october and visited a much larger carrefour, where i had fun perusing the aisles for more products-named-after-people to continue my collection. here are the latest finds:

truth be told, i don’t know if these are actually moroccan or maybe spanish or french brands… but i found them pretty entertaining nonetheless. :D here’s one that it not strictly a name, but pretty funny for us portuguese to see a butter named after a national poet:

aaaaand, last but not least, the ubiquitous vache qui rit…

… family size!

walking on history, X: operation mincemeat

on a quaint cemetery in the outskirts of huelva, there’s a perfectly normal stone grave, with an interesting story hidden behind. we did a pit stop there on our way back from córdoba to learn about major william martin…

… a man who actually did not “exist”, and yet changed the course of the second world war. tom does a better job at explaining the story than i ever could:

sometimes, history happens in unexpected places.

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