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one second everyday — april 2019

april, where did you go?

we went up north for a bit and then my family came south for a bit. in between these, paulo continued running the coast of algarve on the weekends. we visited tavira’s collection of fruit trees and tended to our own passionfruit vine which was growing wild. so many sunny days and some very nice coffee too.

plus, lots and lots of full working days behind the scenes, frustrating and productive in equal measure. things are coming along.

one second everyday — march 2019

march was done in the blink of an eye, and i don’t have much to show for it, video-wise. i forgot to film a few seconds, and most of what i filmed was just… life.

still, the days were good and i continue to enjoy our quiet time at home. i brushed up on my chinese, we found new friends to play board games with, and saved our food scraps for someone else’s chickens. oh, and the boy started a project in which he runs the whole region on the weekends, from east to west — he’s already more than halfway done now! :)

one second everyday — february 2019

february looks boring, but it was actually pretty good. we hiked some new trails, went north to plant trees, met with new and old friends, fed the deer in the local nature reserve and made progress on my second pair of socks. we also discovered a bio farm right here in our town and we’ve been going there ever since. :)

one second everyday — january 2019

january was spent mostly in thailand, dodging winter and exploring the country with our friends.

i wrote about it in previous posts, but i really enjoyed being back in asia. it’s hard to describe how much i missed it these all these years… and the thing is, i don’t think i even realized it until we set foot there again and were immersed in its craziness. take me back!

2018, one second everyday

one last post about last year:

looking at the whole year like this brings on a wave of gratitude and happiness for these treasured memories. so many smiles and friends — old and new. almost six years later, i’m still happy to have taken on this task to record one second of video every day.

2018 was a good year. onwards to new adventures!