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one second everyday — october 2015

so, october!

once the boy recovered the use of his legs, we jumped to london for a few days. we hugged our friends and their babies, chased after dogs in the park, ate lots of good food and then, too soon, it was time to come back home and catch up on everything: work, laundry, gardening… speaking of which, we planted an olive tree and some passionfruit and bougainvillea vines — fingers crossed they’ll survive our black thumbs! towards the end of the month, we did our annual trip to bielefeld to catch up with friends and for some postcard-writing time as well. and then, we came back home and hosted our canadian friend lynda, on one of the last legs of her month-long trip around europe.

it was a good, full month… but now we’re glad to be home-sweet-home, with no trips on the horizon! :)


not being able to drink milk has made me crave a longer caffeinated drink to replace my beloved meia de leite, one that i can warm my hands on and take my time drinking. espressos are nice, but a bit too short. so over the years, i’ve turned to americanos or long black coffees, to scratch my itch.

when we moved back to portugal though, i thought my days of americanos were over. the portuguese are a bit set in their ways, and the right way to drink coffee is always an espresso — period. that is what “a coffee” is, around here. so imagine my surprise when, a few months after moving here (and already resigned to my fate), i heard someone ahead of me in the café ask for something that sounded funny… and receiving exactly what i wanted! a looooong-expresso-on-a-tea-mug kind of drink! :D

i pointed to the other lady’s cup and said “i want that as well… what do you call it?“, and the barista explained it was an a-ba-ta-na-do. oh, happy happy day! it existed! it had a name! :D

the abatanado

look at all that caffeinated beauty! next to it, the boy’s espresso looks tiny in comparison:

the abatanado, next to an espresso

i don’t remember anyone mentioning abatanados in the north of the country, but everyone seems to know them here in the south, which suits me fine! it has become my #1 coffee drink, when outside of the house, and i’m really happy to have inadvertently stumbled on it! *glup* :)

analogue wednesday #51


a very hot day in vila real de santo antónio, some months ago.

analogue wednesday #50

traveling is always brilliant… but being back home is pretty nice as well. i can’t wait to show you some of the things we’ve been up to!

analogue wednesday #49