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analogue wednesday #50

traveling is always brilliant… but being back home is pretty nice as well. i can’t wait to show you some of the things we’ve been up to!

analogue wednesday #49

analogue wednesday #47



the ria formosa lagoon, as seen from cacela velha. i love how shallow the water is here, and that you can just walk to the islands at certain times. bliss!

one second every day — august 2015

august was the first month we stayed put, without any major trips. hurray!

that doesn’t mean we got bored — far from it! we had lots of visitors, friends and family alike, who kept us company and helped explore the nearby beaches and towns. i also got my shiny new library card, and the boy kept running and preparing for the upcoming berlin marathon. only 2 weeks to go now! :)

one second every day – july 2015

in july we celebrated lots of things… usually with ice-cream!

postcrossing turned 10 (wow!), lots of friends came over to visit us, p.’s dad turned 78, and my littlest cousin was born! other than that, it was a quiet blue-skied month, with lots of work behind the scenes and some occasional trips to the beach. :)