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first ice-cream of the season!

photo 2

a lovely peanut butter specimen from fräulein frost! i declare this ice-cream season… open! :)

alle guten dinge sind drei

it’s our third berlinversary!

wow… we’ve never been this long in the same place before! :)

one second every day – february 2014

…is it really mid-march already? whoa! here are 30 seconds of what we did last month:

it wasn’t a particularly exciting month, truth be told, but it included:

- lots of meals with friends – our favorite form of socializing :)
- trip planning!
- postcrossing’s new terms of service (finally!)
- a valentine’s day date to the german technical museum <3!
- lots of studying for edx’s science and cooking course, which is now over (i passed!)
- a freshly painted kitchen ceiling (after an incident with a washing machine upstairs…)

plus, though not featured, there was a lot of practicing both for the tedxoporto talk and the lisbon mini-marathon. more on that later! :)

one second every day – january 2014

january best bits included:
- rome (and some of the best tiramisu of our lives)
- a trip to the north of italy, to surprise a friend on his birthday
- the return of sherlock!
- a lot of good food with friends
- trying out a new co-working space
- chinese new year!

the pillar box tattoo

so i’ve wanted a tattoo for a while now – i even put it on my last list! the plan was that i would draw something and then tattoo that drawing… but given that my drawing skills didn’t develop all that much in the past years, i asked my friend maria if she wouldn’t mind drawing me one. she did a lovely pillar box, which has taken permanent residence in my upper arm since last summer:

why a pillar box? well, mail is pretty much our life… and pillar boxes are cool, if you ask me! :D

(the other day i dreamt of getting the matching blue one…)