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the pillar box tattoo

so i’ve wanted a tattoo for a while now – i even put it on my last list! the plan was that i would draw something and then tattoo that drawing… but given that my drawing skills didn’t develop all that much in the past years, i asked my friend maria if she wouldn’t mind drawing me one. she did a lovely pillar box, which has taken permanent residence in my upper arm since last summer:

why a pillar box? well, mail is pretty much our life… and pillar boxes are cool, if you ask me! :D

(the other day i dreamt of getting the matching blue one…)

analogue wednesday #11

mix & match: weigandufer + bahnhof zoo

“falling is just like flying…

… except there’s a more permanent destination.”

after 2 years waiting, it’s now less than a week for a new sherlock episode to air! this makes the fan in me very happy indeed :D


last year they set up a huge installation near the spree, to celebrate berlin’s anniversary, and the city’s cultural diversity. it included a map painted on the floor, from where colourful pins sprouted with bits of history about that particular spot. the stories were interesting… but the map was great! everyone wandered around, walking along the lines, spotting familiar places.

we even found our tiny, tiny street :)

analogue wednesday #6

(click for bigger)

random double exposures.