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when it rains, why don’t sheep shrink?

ghostboy’s latest post comes after a chat about design and how much should we give in to the “client”‘s taste instead of our own view. it’s tricky – specially when there’s not much time to get together and share ideas.
i know a very successful person in the informatics world who had a degree in computer science and then did another one in economy – to understand what the clients where demanding, to know their language, he says. i wonder if sometimes we (the design rookies) are just too unexperienced to understand what people have in mind in the first place. or too stubborn to go with it. :|

my apologies and late congratulations:
* rita, for your bday. lots of hugs and kisses! :)
* paulo, for the visao’s photojournalism prize. another one, eh? :P

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