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yesterday i went to our local student academic bar (called BA around here) where RUM was throwing a party to celebrate their new spring/sumer grid. the postcards i finished the day before were everywhere! what a relieve to see that the colours were actually correctly printed and that everything came out readable and smooth! no time for testing that kind of thing, so i was really nervous about it.
besides that, it was a weird funky feeling.
i don’t remember anything i did to be handed like this to people, in such quantities or place. and it’s funny to sit back and watch people’s reactions to it: some keep it inside their purses (nice!), some just don’t care, others use it as something to put their drinks on.

(click on the image for the larger version)
ps – sometimes i honestly wonder if i can get an happiness overdose or something like that.
ps2 – the bottle in the middle was drawn over a stock photo image, with a friends’ wacom graphire tablet. i’m going to ask my parents for one of those on my bday :P

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