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vintgar gorge

you know when you have so much to do that you don’t even know where to start? i’m so behind in my slovenia posts that i don’t know where to begin. by the last thing we did, i suppose – the memories are still fresh, and green. insanely green.

yesterday we grabbed our recently found portuguese friend (there’s now 3 of us in the country!) and ran for the water. more specifically, the lakes (bled and bohinj) and vintgar. we’ve had some trouble finding this secluded gorge the last times we tried (the path from bled to vintgar is a narrow winding road across small villages) but i suppose third time’s a charm.

we found vintgar at last, and slowly covered the 1.6km wooden path along the radovna river, just taking it all in: the soothing sounds of the forest, the waterfalls, the pools and the rapids and the quiet deeper stretches of green. at the end, the path crosses the river over the šum waterfall, giving us a really nice top view of it. :)

the entrance costs 4 euros and it’s definitely worth the detour if you’re in bled or bohinj. for those who’d rather not get lost, the gps coords are: N46.3907 E14.0835. :) enjoy!

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Obrigada Ana por tirar as lindas fotos e dividí-las na internet. Há um lugar no Brasil chamado Visconde de Mauá que é lindo assim também. Adoro o verde!

We were there a day ago! Did you complete the last stretch that takes you to the photo-point under the waterfall?

No, we turned around at the end as it was starting to rain harder… I’m sure we’ll return if any of our friends comes to visit :)

This place seems wonderful! I have been in Slovenia two weeks ago, as part of my Interrail trip, and I visited Ljubljana and Bled. I loved both places, the calm and charming village of Ljubljana with its kind citizens and the peacefulness nature of Bled.

Definitely I will come back to Slovenia!

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