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101 things in 1001 days – second edition

it’s been over 1001 days since i made version one of my 101 things list… which didn’t go all that well. i did about 40% of the tasks, and reached some conclusions.
1001 days seemed like a lifetime 3 years ago, and so i sprinkled the list with wishful thinking and lots of travelling adventures… which ended up not happening (e.g. roadtrip coast-to-coast in the US). it turns out, our big travels are not conditioned by items in a list, but rather by whims and opportunities. it’s not that we travelled less, we just ended up choosing different places to go to – and that’s ok.
another thing i’ve learned is that things… change. i’ve lost interest on a lot of items (e.g. be better at iceskating) while others turned out not to be so compatible to our current circumstances (e.g. starting a compost pile). other things turned out better than i expected (e.g. instead of going 100% freelance, i work remotely).

all in all though, i liked the idea of having this big list with a set deadline – it didn’t shape my future, but it did focus me on certain goals. the second list took me a lot more time to draft, as i’ve struggled to remain more practical and make sure all the items are all “doable”. i really want to do better this time.

so, 101 fresh things for the next 1001 days:

  • Do the HSK intermediate
  • Make a pinhole & take some photos with it
  • Take calligraphy/handwriting lessons
  • Draw a font
  • Read 50 new books (half of which in portuguese)
  • Write 750 words for a month
  • Spend a week offline
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Be ok in snowboarding
  • Write 20 letters
  • Write/draw a small guide to Ljubljana/Slovenia
  • Research about Slovenia/Balkans history
  • Identify 10 different trees
  • Taste 30 different fruits
  • Taste 20 different cheeses
  • Try a autocaravan holiday
  • Visit a volcano
  • Fly on a glider
  • Learn how to scuba dive
  • Visit a mail sorting facility
  • Draw and get a tattoo
  • Visit a theme park
  • Volunteer
  • Do a photobook of our time in Slovenia
  • Try 25 different teas
  • Do a medical checkup
  • Go to the dentist
  • Draw a comic strip
  • Write 20 lists
  • Find 150 geocaches
  • Apply to the green card lottery november 2010
  • Visit 20 Unesco sites: historic areas of istanbul, october 2010
  • Fly a kite
  • Visit 15 different museums
  • Do 5 videos
  • Go to 20 concerts
  • Watch a sport event live
  • Climb 10 Slovenian mountains: tromeja, ratitovec
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Go rafting/canoeing
  • Roadtrip in the EU: slovenia-austria-germany-netherlands, september 2010
  • Be halfway through our house goal fund
  • Move again
  • Do 20 surprises: bday parcel
  • Find out what I want to do related with stationery
  • Sponsor an artist on Kickstart
  • Make ice cream from scratch
  • Buy some Christmas lights to decorate
  • Do a secret art project in the city
  • Go see an opera
  • Go see a ballet
  • Sell something on etsy and use the money to buy something there
  • Go an entire month without eating out
  • Go an entire month without using a car (not even friend’s cars)
  • View all of Star Wars movies october 2010
  • Donate five dollars to wikipedia for each goal failed
  • Track the progress of every item on the blog
  • Fill my recipes notebook with recipes
  • Get a Fuji Instax and start documenting our life
  • Feel a baby kick inside a friend’s belly
  • Try to eat local for a week
  • Start laser hair removal
  • Take a cooking class
  • Use all the yarn I have
  • Design and print a postcard
  • Write something for a newspaper
  • Review 25 pieces of stationery
  • Lose the jumping habit
  • Try 20 different sodas
  • Go karting
  • Blog at least 3 times a week for 3 months
  • Put 200 meals on Foodspotting
  • Go see the sea organ in Zadar
  • Make 5 surprise breakfasts
  • Drastically reduce the amount of coffee I drink
  • Ride a ferris wheel
  • Carve a rubber stamp
  • Try sledding
  • Create an herb garden
  • Redesign
  • Host 10 people through Couchsurfing
  • Write a letter to someone once a week for 10 weeks
  • Learn to cook 10 new soups: mushroom soup
  • Design a tshirt
  • Fill a notebook with notes from books/articles
  • Straighten up the SS details + get EU health card
  • Get the surgery done
  • Do NaNowriMo (for the blog) once
  • Learn how to do sushi
  • Fix hanzillion and plan half a year of posts
  • Cook pad thai
  • Organize a tea swap
  • Track our calories for a month
  • Pick a holiday and go overboard on the celebrations
  • Make a cute bento box
  • Shoot only in black and white for a month
  • Ride a scooter
  • Buy a Dr. Seuss book
  • Try 10 different types of film
  • Buy something on a flea market
  • Try currywurst in Berlin

some of the things i’ve already completed while the list was still a draft, like watching the whole set of star wars movie (pfeeew!), but i’ve only started the official countdown a few days ago, so the new deadline is set for jul 30, 2013. wish me luck! :)

ps – if you’re thinking of doing one, head over to for inspiration from other people’s lists!

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Ai ana!!
muito inspirador, que bela lista! tenho de fazer a minha asap :D mas não é boa altura fazer uma agora em que nem sei onde vou viver a seguir! um abraço
hoje fui a maribor a uma renião, vi a primeira neve a cair, lindo lindo :)

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