foooood in slovenia


autumn is my favourite season. it’s cold, but not freezing, the leaves turn to gorgeous colors… but the best part is the food! there’s persimmons, roasted chestnuts, apples, hot chocolate, gluhwein here and there… and mushrooms!

portugal isn’t a very “mushroomy” country, and it was only when i left home that i started to realise there was more to mushrooms than the yellow-mushy-canned variety. since then we’ve been in a path to enlightenment, slowly discovering different varieties and flavours.

and then we came to slovenia and we were blown away. due to a perfect combination of forests, humidity and sun, this country is mushroom paradise! mushroom picking is something everybody seems to know about: which ones to pick, how to pick them, how to cook… it’s a national hobbie! it’s so popular that there’s a law forbidding any person to pick more than 2kg in a day!

on a recent hike with the ics club, we’ve learnt a couple of things about this art. first, everything red is a big no-no, potentially deadly, and there are a few deaths per year caused by ingestion of poisoning mushrooms. and when picking mushrooms you should never pull them up from the roots, instead cutting with a blade to preserve the crop.

here’s a sample of what we saw on that hike:

+10 points for slovenia! :D

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Lindas fotos Ana, sempre assumi que na Eslovénia devido ao facto de ter florestas a sério ao contrário do mar de eucaliptos daqui.

Mas aqui também existe, tenho apanhado estas semanas todas, até comi com o teu irmão um colheita minha no outro dia.

Acho que fazes bem em aprender e apanhar pois são muito bons.
Eu optei por conhecer algumas espécies muito bem e como só essas e vou aprendendo aos poucos, mas isso do vermelho é praticamente certo, se bem que existem vermelhos bons.


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