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when you settle in a new city, there are some things that take a bit to discover. like where to do your waxing, which café makes the best pancakes, or where to develop your film rolls. for the film issue, sometimes you can find tips on flickr groups or old photography forums but more often than not, the information there is outdated. so, a period of trial and error ensues.

the first shops we found in ljubljana that developed medium format rolls weren’t very promising – it always took a while for them to return the negatives, and sometimes they came with marks…

but after inquiring here and there, someone pointed out foto format, in the tunnel on the skyscraper building. and lo and behold, in that small and inconspicuous shop we found the answer to our analog prayers. efficient service with a smile, always plenty of film in stock on the fridge, quick delivery and spotless negatives. we love it and remain faithful customers since day one. really, what else could you ask for? :)

their contact info is
tel.: 01 422 30 10

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