in germany

2 months in berlin

in a sharp contrast with little known slovenia, everybody seems to know something about berlin. people ask us, persistently: have you been to the brandenburg gate? have you seen the berlin wall? what about the holocaust memorial? have you eaten currywurst? did you climb the tv tower in alexanderplatz?

to which we answer with a relaxed “yeaaaah… we’ll get there”. we don’t feel any of this urgency to visit all the landmarks, and do lonely-planet marathons… we’ll be here for a while, so we’re taking our time, enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, riding our bikes up and down the cobbled streets of neukölln. just soaking it all in, sipping coffees in the sun.

so far, so good, i’d say. :)

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It’s already been two months? Time really does fly!

Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves there. And yeah, take your time to see the sights, you’re not just there on a holiday after all. It took me 2 1/2 years of living in NZ before I made my way south to Milford Sound, which is probably the first place people think of visiting when coming to the country.

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