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postcards from slovenia

90% of my day revolves around postcards, and yet i speak very little of them on this blog. so today i thought i’d share some of the best postcards i’ve found in slovenia. it’s still too early to judge the ones from berlin, but slovenia has plenty to share! here are some of my favourites (click for bigger):

doesn’t it make you want to visit? you should go! :)

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Hello Ana!

Greetings from Lithuania :) My name is Gabriele and I am 15 (almost 16!) years old.
I am writing you because – just as you mentioned – of the postcards. I am a very (really, very) keen Postcrosseer and one of my biggest wishes is to get a card from the authors of Exactly! My dream is to get a card from you and Paulo :) So here it goes…

I have written to Paulo but he did not answer so I thought I should write you. All I ask for is a card signed by you and Paulo (like, for example, greetings from Ana & Paulo or something…) Could you help me? It would be such a huge honour to get something from you two, sweeties.

I would send something really special back for you! What do you think? My e-mail is :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best of the best wishes,

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