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bonanza coffee heros

the sign outside states “don’t die before trying”, and so, try we did. and then it became a sort of ritual: every time we were nearby, the caffeine siren calling would divert us from our path straight into this tiny little coffee shop. well, the coffee and the cheesecake, if we’re being honest. it’s really good.

i don’t know enough about coffee to comment beyond “i like it” – so their fancy machine has little allure on a commoner like me.

but sometimes, good coffee has this quality of making time go slower while you sip. have you noticed? this is one of those coffees. you take a sip, taste the foam, close your eyes and feel all is well with the world. you take a bite of that cheesecake and let it melt in your tongue, slowly. yup, you don’t even notice the impatient baristas anymore. all is well. :)

bonanza is on oderberger straße, 35 near mauerpark.

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oh that is so true. nothing more relaxing than a good cup of coffee, especially if sitting outside on a clear sunny day.

also, i wish i had the talent those people have to draw little shapes in the milk froth. i’ve seen some pretty amazing ones here in nz too. they serve the coffee with this pretty fern drawn on it or a smiley face and i’m all like “aw coffee, i wanna drink you but i don’t want drink you cos you look too pretty!”.

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