whole30: done!


i’ve just finished my first whole30, which means, i went a whole 30 days without:
– grains of any kind
– milk products
– legumes
– sugar, or sugar substitutes
– white potatoes

truth be told, it isn’t that different from how we usually eat when we’re home in berlin – just stricter. normally, i’d have a bit of cheese here and there, an occasional piece of black chocolate or cook with butter – and wouldn’t think too much about what i ate outside of the house. that doesn’t mean i usually go out of my way to eat pasta and bread when we go out – but for the most part i don’t care if the sauce has flour in it, or what kind of oil was used to cook my food.

alas, the whole30 puts all that into question, and makes you think about everything that goes into your plate.

(whenever i tell people we eat paleo, i get saucer-eyes and a concerned “no pasta? no bread? but what can you eat then?!” well… real, unprocessed food, like eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts!)

anyway, it’s done! how do i feel? freaking fantastic! :) i’ve lost about 5kg – mostly weight i put on during christmas’ glutenfest. also, nothing aches (not even my dodgy back), nothing’s swollen and my energy levels are good!

was it hard? it wasn’t hard per se, or not in the way most people imagine. i didn’t really get cravings… not even while the boy indulged on baskets of bread & cheese next to me. but i missed going out and being with friends without over-thinking it. this level of attention to what you’re eating seriously limits your dining choices – and i’m not sure it’s worth it.

so, i’m happy i’ve done it, but i’m also glad to be back to a reasonable middle ground that works for me. bring on the cheese! :D

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Good job! After reading your post, I looked for info on paleo diet, I had never heard of it before. I see the point: getting rid of products that our body was not designed to process, and realising that our food has a bigger influence on our health than we would think. It’s also a very good thing to focus on unprocessed food. But I’m afraid I couldn’t live without grains – bread, pasta, rice, etc! I’d miss that far too much :/

Hey, great ^^ I’m totally into Whole30 since a few months. Already lost 17kg ^^
If you are really interested in this I can recommend you two books:
1) It starts with food – Melissa and Dallas Hartwig
2) Why we get fat: And what to do about it – Gary Taubes

Do you stop with Whole30 now, or do you keep on with a light version of Whole30? It’s best to change between light and strict, then again light and so on ^^

Have an awesome day,

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