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one second everyday — october 2015

so, october!

once the boy recovered the use of his legs, we jumped to london for a few days. we hugged our friends and their babies, chased after dogs in the park, ate lots of good food and then, too soon, it was time to come back home and catch up on everything: work, laundry, gardening… speaking of which, we planted an olive tree and some passionfruit and bougainvillea vines — fingers crossed they’ll survive our black thumbs! towards the end of the month, we did our annual trip to bielefeld to catch up with friends and for some postcard-writing time as well. and then, we came back home and hosted our canadian friend lynda, on one of the last legs of her month-long trip around europe.

it was a good, full month… but now we’re glad to be home-sweet-home, with no trips on the horizon! :)

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