in canada

comfort maple

we always check atlas obscura when we’re somewhere new, just in case there’s something unexpectedly cool around the corner, you know? it was there that the boy found about this special tree, so we did a little detour on our way to the niagara falls to see it.

the comfort maple is supposedly the oldest sugar maple tree in canada. it’s so big, i had trouble making it fit on a photo! this is how far back i could go without trespassing a neighboring field.

the sap from sugar maple trees is used to make maple syrup, for which canada is famous. our friend lynda explained to us that the sap needs to be collected at just the right time, between late winter and early spring, when it’s still cold but not too cold and the tree is beginning to pull the sugar reserves stored in its trunk and roots. the water is later evaporated, to distill the goodness.

although it’s “just” 500 years old (and thus a baby compared to our local olive tree), it’s still a majestic tree and i hope someday we can see it in all its autumn glory!

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