one second everyday

2021, one second everyday

a full year in the span of 6 minutes still feels a bit like magic to watch. 2021 wasn’t very different from the previous year, and in my head, it got classified as a “pandemic part 2” of sorts. we huddled and hibernated in the first part of the year, then gradually opened up and ventured out of our shells.

there were vaccines, volcanoes in azores, and much time spent with family. there were sooo many video dinners but also some real dinners with friends, long walks and new birds spotted. there was much bread baked too, board game nights, some knitting and some volunteering. the walking desk had its brilliant debut, and the old phone drowned and got replaced by a shiny new one. we bought our house and got a new fireplace! plus, we didn’t get sick, which is a blessing i do not take for granted.

so many things happened, so much joy and laughter shared! i’m really glad and thankful for every one of these days. this could have been a really depressing year if we chose to see it that way, but instead we did what we could to make the best of it. still crossing my fingers we’ll be able to go to taiwan at some point… but until then, we’ll just enjoy what we have right now.

bring it on, 2022!

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