weeknotes 52/21

– returning home safe and sound on the last week of the year, after being thoroughly avalanched in christmas sweets… felt great! i had a nice time with the family, but i was definitely ready to come home, think about the year ahead, and have a quiet entrance in 2022.

– i ate so many persimmons these past two weeks! it was brilliant! my parents have a tree that had lots of them this year, and were happy to load my trunk with some for me to bring home. they were amazing, so ripe and juicy! probably one of my top 5 fruits.

– the fireplace has been going full speed ahead, making the living room a cozy corner where we hide in the evenings.

– we had a new year’s walk in the salt ponds and spotted 2 new birds, which i think was a good omen! one was a common snipe, and the other was an eurasian stone-curlew. both are super funky birds, but the stone-curlew definitely takes the cake, with its angry looking “eyebrows” and a very yellow eye. :D

– this misty morning view in cabanas. shortly thereafter, the clouds lifted and it was quite hot for a winter day.

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