weeknotes, 22-23/22

not much to talk about. weeks of whimpers and whines. soft fiberless food. silences broken by the cadence of walking canes, and grass trimmers buzzing away in the distance. recovery is slow and painful, and the day is spaced out by pills, more than any sane person can keep track, let alone 80 year olds.

there’s tears and frustration, and daily mishaps brushed away with some humor. we try to focus and get things done for work, but our concentration is shot by the phone ringing and periodic calls for help. the north has its advantages though, namely proper croissants and other sweets!

also neighbors who cook nice things, bright birdsong, a friendly dog that likes to be walked and fresh eggs! the chicken here are generous with their bounty.

and because apparently real chicken are not enough for me, i’ve started playing stardew valley in the evening. it’s a fun little game, open-ended and relaxed, and just my style.

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