weeknotes, 21/22

the week was going ok… until it wasn’t. the boy’s mom fell down on friday doing something stupid and broke a vertebra. she’s in quite a bit of pain, and has to wear a contraption that is hard to put on, so we drove north for a bit to help. these things are not easy at the best of times, and are especially hard when one is in their 80s.

– speaking of people in their 80s, this short interview with leslie lamport had me day-dreaming of being 80 and still that sharp. just… wow. most 80 year olds i know are frail and barely managing, so it blows my mind to see people like this.

– after meaning to do so for years and never quite getting around to it, i finally caved in and got myself an external keyboard and mouse. i only tried it for a day before we came up, but both felt quite nice and were easier to get used to than i had anticipated. i haven’t used a mouse for years, but this new vertical mouse from logitech feels so natural on the hand that adaptation was a breeze.

– parents who come by to bring us buckets of cherries and make everything better. 🧡

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I have this exact same keyboard but in grey. And I’m sorry to hear about the accident… breaking a vertebrae sounds like an incredibly intense and painful thing. Hang in there, all of you!

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