just life weeknotes

weeknotes, 30/22

– another week of destruction, followed by the start of the fixing and putting things back together. the roof terrace has new waterproof insulation, which we hope will keep us dry for many years to come. the thermal insulation will come next, and then the tiles that cover everything. we’re learning as we go along, and understanding bit by bit how houses are made… and what mistakes were made in the building of this one.

– in order to properly deal with the roof terrace, we had to disconnect the new solar water heater… so only cold showers for awhile. these have been the quickest showers ever, but it’s been so hot that it isn’t really a problem.

– another lonely week, eating meals for one and talking to myself, of waking up to weird noises in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep… but the boy was back on saturday evening, at long last! hurray!

– finished bel canto at last, then promptly found this book next to the trash can, like a serendipitous reading recommendation from the universe! looking forward to digging in.

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