weeknotes, 32-33/22

– the construction is not yet over, but almost — at least this first part. the tiles are where they are supposed to go, and now only a few finishing touches are left. we’ll be happy to be rid of this huge thing to-do on our list. next project: painting the house.

– the local handicrafts fair was on last week, and we visited it on a couple of days to eat some sausage and pizza bread, and stock on handmade gifts for friends. one of the days we even walked the 6kms to town at the end of the day and came back by train.

– we went to seville to meet some (new) friends. talking to them about their projects was great and eating some pastries is always nice, but the city was sweltering hot, like walking into an oven. i want to go back for a longer period of time, outside the summer heat.

– we saw a bit of salvador sobral and also rita redshoes’ concerts. it’s very much peak summer now, the town is filled with people and you can almost feel everyone’s relief at being past the worst of the pandemic.

– this year’s world postcard day postcard is out, and the design is super cute. :)

– sometimes we go through the recipe books we have to find new recipes to try, and on one of these passes we decided to make some dalgona coffee, which apparently was all the rage online some years ago. the texture is interesting, and it’s amazing how you can get it just by beating instant coffee with sugar and water… like magic!

– finished the last bookshop in london, it was a quick and light read, despite the heavy theme of the blitz in london. my (metaphorical, because half of them are in the kindle) book pile is growing quite tall this year, but i’m happy about reading a bit more than in previous years. i recently realized i’ve had my kindle for over 10 years now, and it’s still doing a great job!

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