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weeknotes, 12/23

— finally heading to taiwaaaaaaaan! 🇹🇼 i’m writing these words on a delayed train to lisbon… i hope we’ll make it to our flight in time. fingers crossed!

– the week before something big and exciting is always a drag, but this week has been so full with errands and family and work that i feel like it has passed in the blink of an eye. i don’t know where time went. we’ve spent a lot of it with our families, eating, chatting, playing boardgames, visiting sick people… i’m grateful for all these moments.

– incidentally, i’ve been sleeping rather badly lately… so on the upside, lots of reading is happening in the middle of the night. i’ve finished “encyclopedia of an ordinary life” by amy krouse rosenthal (where this quote comes from) and it was a lovely memoir, in an unusual but interesting format. it reads a bit like the book of disquiet, random fragments that float to the top and tell something about a person. i’ve started “green island”, a chunky book that mixes fiction with the history of taiwan, and also loaned “shades of milk and honey”, “mouth to mouth” and “the gentle art of fortune hunting” for the flights. i hope these will be good!

– we had fogaça and regueifa, from bakeries that still wrap their things in beautiful paper! 😍

– and in more food news, francesinha with the boy! ah, there’s nothing quite like visiting our favorite francesinha place to catch up on the familiar flavors.

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