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weeknotes, 18-26/23

so… where were we? so much time has passed since the last weeknotes, it’s hard to think back at everything that took place since we arrived back from taiwan. i’ll try though, because i really missed these!

– more than anything, we’ve spent these two months catching up with family and friends. there were many dinners and visits, and also hosting family here at home. i was asked to be my niece’s godmother, saw friend’s babies for the first time, and just spent a lot of time basking in and enjoying it.

– the boy came back from taiwan with a mighty cough that took him almost 2 months to get over. :( after having coughed his lungs out, hurt all his muscles in the process, and maxed out on his asthma inhaler, he’s mostly fine now, the cough having left as mysteriously as it came.

– i’ve been reading *so much*. the day seems filled with little spaces where reading can happen: bedtime winding downs, sitting in waiting rooms, house tasks with an audiobook… i’ve read silly novels and books about tuberculosis, asia-themed books and art books, memoirs and books from my childhood authors, and it’s been a pleasure.

– i turned 41, and the boy gave me a new kindle, with backlight, and now i can read even when insomnia strikes, in the middle of the night! :) my brother (who was spending some time with us) built me a spice rack on the cupboard that has been empty ever since the gas heater was removed, and it’s the best!

– i went for a check up because my heart was doing a funny dance, and after some blood tests, got diagnosed with low iron reserves… which makes sense, with the kind of heavy periods i get and the fact we don’t eat much meat these days. luckily, it’s an easy fix: some more meat here and there, and an iron supplement to build up those reserves.

– st. john in tavira, with fireworks and ice-cream, and the traditional play of the enchanted moura.

festival med took place this week, and we went to see lavoisier and amadou & mariam! the first was a mellow affair at sunset, sitting in the lawn by the castle basking it all in, and the second was the opposite, everyone on their feet, dancing and cheering along. what a brilliant night in loulé!

– met some new and old dogs!

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