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to the library!

what is a person to do, when work needs to be done but an airbnb with a table is practically impossible to find? cafés in taipei can be super nice to work from, but they are also quite expensive for everyday use. so the logical solution is to look for a library! :) we stayed next to the normal university in taipei, and their library was perfect for a few hours of focused work: quiet, air conditioned (sometimes too much), with good internet and plugs everywhere. 

in hualien, i shared a table at the library with a grandpa that alternated between watching something on his ipad and dozing in place — not even the noise of the periodical fighter jets above us would wake him up! and kaohsiung’s central library was lovely too, modern and well-equipped, with a brilliant shop (as if it were a museum)… and a vending machine to pick up or drop library books at a central metro station!

libraries really are a big comfort space for me — how brilliant is it that every town has this safe, cozy place where you can just read or do your thing… and for free! they really made me wish i could properly read chinese so i could pick up some books while there. maybe by the time we next visit, i’ll be able to pick something to read from the kid’s section…

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