in taiwan


although they were no longer mandatory in most places when we were in taiwan, 90% of the population still used masks everywhere, even outside — i guess part out of habit, part because of the pollution, and part just to play it safe. we used them as well most of the time as a precaution, because i would have hated if i had gotten sick during this trip that i had been waiting for so long. it actually felt good to wear them when out and about! 

it helps that masks here are really cute: there’s a variety of designs and shapes, and they seem overall much more comfortable than the ones we’d been wearing in europe during the height of the pandemic. i grabbed some travel/postal themed ones, and later also these cute moomin ones. :) i’m keeping a little stash to use in hospitals or public transportation back home — i think they’ll be the cutest masks in a large radius! :D 

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