weeknotes, 28/23

– in the middle of this very hot week, our AC broke with a very loud bang. :( it seems like a relatively straightforward fix, thankfully, though arranging this in the middle of july in algarve is tricky.

– tavira has a mini street theater festival going on in the first half of july, with a little show taking place in town every night. it’s just nice to go, grab some ice-cream and watch the nightly shenanigans with friends. the boy got roped into one of the performances to play piaf’s la vie en rose with bells, and he did really well! :D

– i celebrated my 15000th day on earth this week! i really recommend checking when one of these nice round dates happens for you, and marking it on your calendar, for future celebrations. speaking of which, Postcrossing also celebrated 18 years this week… 18 years!! whoa.

– every morning, a trio of iberian green woodpeckers wakes us up with their loud laughter.

– i’ve been toying with midjourney, the image-making AI tool. its capabilities are mind-blowing and it’s just lots of fun to play with! discovering the right prompts, playing with the parameters and seeing what everyone else is doing are some of the interesting bits for me. here’s a study on risographs of coffee mugs, in tones of blue:

and a girl posting a letter, in a more anime style:

i did this with a text prompt, after reading a bit of the documentation and seeing what other people are doing. it’s astonishing what technology can do.

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I didnt know you had weeknotes, i need to add this to my faves to check it .. it was so easy when i used blogger a millions months ago!
I´ve been writing a weekly “tea” too, its refreshing to write without thinking abput photos all the time.

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