weeknotes, 27/23

– a boring week, with a lot of overwhelmed workdays, but also ice-cream to cool down! :)

– the whole week, i could not get this song out of my head:

let new zealand into eurovision already — they clearly understood the assignment and delivered!

– game night with friends, old and new. we played the game of thrones boardgame, which was amazingly complicated… i think we spent the better part of the night just trying to understand the rules. but now that we more or less know them, we’re ready for a rematch!

– i learned the expression “reading trombone” — did you know it? it’s this dance that people do when they’re trying to read the tiny ingredient list on the side of a package, pushing it away from their face so they can read better. the official name for this is presbyopia, and it’s something that happens to people over 40… and like clockwork, here it is! i need to get myself some glasses.

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