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weeknotes, 32/23

… what a week.

– the boy’s doctor appointment was like one of those meetings that could have been an email. we’re no closer to discovering the cause of his asthma, but at least we know some of the things that are not causing it, i guess — more tests will follow.

– my caffeine sensitivity has risen to new levels: i now get heart palpitations after 1 coffee cup. it would be almost comical, if it wasn’t a little scary. my heart seems fine (i had it checked by a geeky cardiologist, who showed me the ecocardiogram machine’s features in all their glory), and the flutters seem to wear off a few days after the last coffee. (maybe i should start looking for another domain name? a caffeine + lactose intolerant “meiadeleite” is a little silly 😅)

– we launched the world postcard day card for this year… and then promptly recalled it 2 days later, when we found out the work submitted to the contest was not original. sigh. :( we’re currently working on releasing the second place design, but what an unpleasant experience the whole thing.

– in need of stress relief, i found myself drawn to ali hazelwood’s stem-themed novels, that read a bit like academia fanfiction. i’ve read the love hypothesis in a couple of days, and am halfway through love on the brain.

– the good news is that we came back home after three weeks in the north, and it feels amazing to be here, in our quiet (but very hot) place. hurray!

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