weeknotes, 33/23

a very quiet week, good for recharging.

– the local festivities for the “holy lady of fishermen” are taking place in the village… which means concerts, little pop up stalls, and farturas, my summer favorite! <3

– the boy continues his saga to find the cause of his never-ending cough, this time with expensive allergy tests. fingers crossed!

– we spent some time with friends this week, having dinner, being introduced to guardians of the galaxy and also playing board games! it’s the time of the year in which everyone visits the algarve, which is brilliant to catch up.

– we launched the replacement for the world postcard day postcard, and things went better than the first time around. the other card had more votes, but this second place one was secretly my favorite, so it pleases me to see it being printed.

– i’m working on a youtube playlist of our 10 years (!!) of one second everyday videos. it’s a monumental task to find all the videos and consolidate them in just one platform, and most of them are not even in what we would call a decent quality these days… so many things have changed in 10 years, including the app. but it’ll be nice to see the videos all together, in order!

– i finished listening to a book about cod, a fish deeply rooted in our portuguese dna. the book was enlightening (though a bit boring towards the end) and i learnt about the cod wars, how cod has practically no fat (and is thus a good fish for drying), how salted used to be soaked in toilet tanks (what a genius idea!), and also about the collapse of the atlantic cod stocks after decades of overfishing. i have too many ongoing books on my pile right now, to fit the different moods. 😅

– our friend gui has been really into making macro videos featuring insects, and i love his latest production, the disco bee!

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