weeknotes, 38/23

– played a quick round of galaxy trucker with friends, and it was nice! also, watched the second movie of the guardians of the galaxy series. our friends are big fans of the marvel universe, and have been trying to initiate us. :)

– took part in the sessions to help build the rules for the new food gardens that will soon pop up all over the municipality. looking forward to seeing more empty spaces being filled with plants and food!

– this was a good week for books. i’ve finished fatherland, a bbc dramatisation of a book by the same name. halfway through, i realized it was not the book i had bookmarked (which had the same name)… but i went ahead and listened to it all the way through, and it was enjoyable, despite the dark theme. i also dragged my way through the wizard of earthsea (it didn’t quite work for me), and pardalita, a portuguese graphic novel that i read during a conference about vegetarianism at the library. i like it a lot more than the moderator of the panel, who didn’t seem able to keep a straight line of thought without going into a million tangents.

– also started reading healing back pain, a book i’ve heard about over and over again. it was written by a doctor decades ago, and his whole thing is that chronic back pain is often caused by emotional causes (like anxiety or anger), and not something that is actually physically wrong in your back. it sounds a little woo-woo… but there seems to be some evidence to it, as a lot of people are miraculously cured after reading it. i don’t know how i feel about the idea yet, but having had some measure of back pain for over 10 years, i’m happy to give it a go.

– the rota dos petiscos continues, with a few more fish dishes in tavira! looking forward to venturing out a bit too, when the occasion comes.

– one week until world postcard day!

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